Garrett Sexton - 2023 Winner...

Congratulations to Garret Sexton, the 2023 winner and 37th recipient of the $30,000 Don Holliday Memorial Scholarship!


Kaden Reinhard - 2022 Winner...

Congratulations to Kaden Reinhard, the 2022 winner and 36th recipient of the $30,000 Don Holliday Memorial Scholarship!


Jacob Vance - 2021 Winner...

Congratulations to Jacob Vance, the 2021 winner and 35th recipient of the $30,000 Don Holliday Memorial Scholarship!


Jack Cowher - 2020 Winner...

Congratulations to Jack Cowher, the 2020 winner and 34th recipient of the $30,000 Don Holliday Memorial Scholarship!


  • Thursday, 25 May 2023
    The first recipient from William Byrd since 2010, Garrett Sexton plans to apply the scholarship, part of $89,500 awarded by the Roanoke Valley Golf Hall of Fame, to his studies at Virginia Tech. "My main goal with playing high school golf was to have fun with it and just enjoy my time," he said. "I'm very thankful that it resulted in me winning this."
  • Thursday, 26 May 2022
    Reinhard is the first recipient from Floyd county, and plans to study psychology at Virginia Tech with the goal of becoming an FBI profiler.
  • Tuesday, 22 Jun 2021
    Vance will apply the funds from the scholarship, which began in 1987 and is administered by the Roanoke Valley Golf Hall of Fame, to his tuition at Liberty University where he plans to enter the school’s aviation program and earn a pilot’s license.
  • Wednesday, 22 Jul 2020
    "My first week, my first shot, I may have missed the ball... I'd played a little — but not much — before. I really fell in love with the sport and try to play as much as I can now."
Photograph of Don Holliday

The Don Holliday Memorial Foundation (a 501-C3 Charitable Corporation) was formed in 1986 to honor the memory of Don Holliday. District Sales Manager of Piedmont Airlines. The Don Holliday Memorial Scholarship Fund was initially funded by Pace Magazine the in-flight publication of Piedmont Airlines. The first Don Holliday Memorial Golf Tournament took place in June 1987 with the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund for the past 36 years. The Don Holliday Memorial Golf Tournament has grown to one of the top charity events in the state. We have awarded over $530,000 in scholarships. The scholarship is administered by the Roanoke Valley Golf Hall of Fame which each year awards a (4 year $30,000 scholarship) to a deserving boy or girl from Southwest Virginia who also has an interest in golf.

Founding Fathers

  • John Bays
  • Jim Bowden
  • Jerry English
  • John Hostutler
  • Mike Mauck
  • George Morehead
  • Ellsworth Snyder
  • Burch Sweeney
  • Pete Watkins

Board of Directors

  • Justin Ditmore
  • Ben Firebaugh
  • Andy Foster
  • Kevin Foster
  • Don Holliday Jr
  • Carter Holliday
  • Michelle Horne
  • Kurt Kreider
  • Josh Mattox
  • Neal Mattox
  • Chris Maxwell
  • Alan Miller
  • Shawn Potter
  • Chris Ransom
  • John Swanson
  • Scott Thomasson
  • Brad West
  • Jack Wilkes
  • Jimmy Woodson

Justin Ditmore
(540) 312-9126

Alan Miller
(540) 815-8820
3930 Belle Aire Circle
Roanoke, VA 24018


2023 Tournament Information

The Don Holliday Tournament is a one-day format. Captain's Choice, where 180 players participate. Thanks to the many fine merchants and friends in the Roanoke Valley who donate door prizes along with premier resorts such as Pinehurst Resort, The Homestead, Wintergreen, Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head attractions. The Don Holliday Tournament has become the most popular charitable fund raising event in Roanoke.

Saturday, October 14, 2023 - Roanoke Country Club

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